HECTOS, a project funded under the EC FP7 security research programme brings together 8 leading organizations from across Europe to study how a harmonized approach to Evaluation & Certification schemes of physical security products could be developed.

Today physical security equipment and systems are very diverse in technology, concept of operations, application areas and performance. Similar security products are difficult to compare in terms of performance, accuracy, usage, trust and validation of functionality. Currently, there are very few test, evaluation and certification procedures in Europe that are mutually recognized by different Member States. This leads to fragmentation of the market, as identified in the EC Communication on Security Industrial Policy, with negative impacts on both suppliers and users.

HECTOS, a project funded under the EC FP7 security research programme brings together 8 leading organizations from across Europe to study how existing evaluation and certification schemes used in other areas could be used, adapted or developed for products used for physical security of people, property and infrastructure. As well as mechanisms to independently evaluate functional performance of security products on a scientifically valid and statistically reliable basis, the project will consider compliance verification of interoperability, regulatory, ethical, privacy and other requirements.  The approach will be validated by applying the principles to two different product groups as case studies: explosives detection systems (outside of aviation security) and biometric recognition. The project will develop elements for a roadmap for the development of new harmonized product certification schemes.


HECTOS aims at developing a skeleton for a framework, a template for harmonized Evaluation and Certification schemes.

HECTOS will support harmonisation of the European market by producing a roadmap for the development of Harmonized Evaluation & Certification (E&C) schemes for Physical Security Products.

This will lead to:

  • Enhanced recognition and trust of E&C
  • More homogeneous and wider market
  • Enhanced possibility for users to compare performance
  • Enhanced possibility for suppliers to demonstrate performance



FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency 
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research,

technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 606861.